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If the 1999 Dodge Charger R/T Concept car is going to be put into production and raced in NASCAR, then you are my best friend. I'd go out and buy one as soon as it hit the showroom floor.

On the other hand, if the ugly Mustang II/Pontiac Fiero look-alike that appeared in a recent issue of Popular Hot Rod is going to be passed off as the next Dodge Charger, then I will have to take my business to another automaker.

Also, this smacks of a bait & switch routine. First, you show us the outstanding 1999 Charger concept, then bust us in the chops with something that looks as if it was poorly chiseled from a solid block of iron with a rusty screwdriver.

Popular Hot Rod spoke of the Mustang II/Fiero look-alike as being tailored to a 300C/Magnum frame.

To design cars like the original Chargers and contort it to fit on an existing platform to save some bucks is ludicrous. It's losing its original identity, appeal and all of the things that made the 60's & 70's Chargers an icon.

Remember the winged 1969 Dodge Daytona? Well, it was an aerodynamic 200+ MPH thoroughbred on the NASCAR circuit. Years later, in an unbelievable and apparent attempt to make some quick bucks, Chrysler slapped the heralded Daytona name on a four banger that had the mystique & pedigree of a neutered Yugo.

It would be better to save the Charger name for a worthy heir to its name and history. If not, all that will be accomplished is the ticking off once loyal customers.

If a Ferrari nameplate suddenly appeared on a Ford Pinto look-alike there would be justified and widespread outrage.

P.S. I had stopped watching NASCAR when Chrysler left the sport a couple of decades ago. I returned to watching NASCAR when Chrysler brought the appealing Dodge Intrepid (I own one) to racing. If Dodge tries to pass off the Mustang II/Fiero revamp as a Charger, I will spend my Sunday afternoons on the golf course instead, but I won't be driving a Chrysler product to get there. That’s how strongly I feel about this.
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