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So basically I recently bought a 2014 charger that was a cop car. When the charger gets commissioned/upfitted for the department the factory horn is disconnected in order to connect a siren.
I tore my car apart for 2+ months looking for where they disconnected the factory horn and I had no luck. So i decided to call up my local PD and ask who up-fitted their vehicles. I called the company and finally found out that some up fitters disconnect the horn by the BCM located in the passenger side kick panel.
The wire for the horn is disconnected however the siren is connected to the original wire. So what I had to do was disconnect the siren wire and reconnect the horn wire (he horn wire would be hanging around somewhere).

I really hope this helps someone out in the future and saves them the time and effort it takes to look under the dash, under the hood,fuses, glovebox, console etc. I’m going to attatch a diagram that shows which wire is for the horn. (2011-2014 model).

p.s. I am posting this becauseI was looking all over for a solution and I couldn’t find any on any fourm what so ever.


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