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Do I need spacers with these wheels?

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Hi guys, I was hoping you could impart some of your knowledge and help me out. The wheels I would like to get are 20x9, 5x115, OS +26, BS 6.02. I have a 2011 SE with 17's right now. The main issue I'm having is I am getting conflicting answers from most websites. Some say they'll fit fine, some say they won't. The one guy I talked to this morning said he was concerned about rubbing and spacers would be my best bet. I'm not against them but I just want to make sure I make the right choice. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I believe the size was 255/45/20. I wanted to go the biggest tire I could with that rim size. For spacers, do you have any you might recommend? From what I've researched, the mist I can gather is universal is no good, and billet tech is the way to go.
Speedlogix also has some good ones. Whatever you buy, make sure they are hub-centric so they don't screw up the wheel balance.

You should need a 3mm spacer, but 26mm is a bit odd (25 mm is normal) 5 mm may work better.
Ok, I'll have to look into them tomorrow. Thanks for the help man, now I just gotta hope the wheels are still in Stock haha
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