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Hey hows it going.

Im not really that new but i wanted to finally post on here because i plan on becoming much more active in the community. So the situation that brings me here is the lack of DIY content for our cars mostly chargers but across the LX line also. So I have always modded my cars and just never recorded anything because of the hassle, but i have realized that part of the problem it takes one person hassle to make it 10x easier for the next person. I have 2 Chargers an 06 RT and a 13 RT MAX. Both are pretty much stock but i have a pile of things that i have been getting together since i have returned from my last deployment.
so now comes the why do i need your help, what are some things that you have questions about. Or are wanting to see done vividly. Things that I have planned include

Resurfacing my heated/cooled cup holders
Bluetooth module replace :crbaby:
Turning my rear power adapter into a 2 USB ports (factory style(very clean looking))
SLP resonators
Muffler Delete
CAM motor
SRT8 Front Conversion (W Assisted Cruise Control)
Full LED conversion with sequential side markers

These are most of the things i want to accomplish on the 13 and I'm really open for suggestions on the 06. What i am asking for is your help location the things that you want to see and views to my channel. In return i have a lot of discount codes coming, a lot of give aways, some really cool content to show you guys, and if you give me the contact you want and tell me what it is, I will for sure make it.

My last channel was hacked and so i had to delete it with right at 10,000 subs but my sponsors are helping me out big time on the launch of my new channel.

More to come but DM me all your video request so that I can get started on them.
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