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Diablo Predator for 3.5L LX's $165 Shipped FedEX

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Diablo Predator for Sale. I unmarried and sold my charger. Going to buy a new charger/challenger. I only ship FedEx ground/priority depending on how close you are. This unit is Flawless. It was used 6 Times. First to tune, then to clear codes, then to account for intake, exhaust and wheel size. Its been stored since. It was unmarried from my charger to trade in after I stripped my charger of all parts.

I DO NOT ACCEPT GIFT PAYPAL For YOUR Protection and MINE - All shipments require adult signature and specific instructions are left to NOT leave this package on ANY Door Step. - add 3.5% to your purchase to cover the fees.

Stuff for sale by Asonitez, on Flickr

Stuff for sale by Asonitez, on Flickr

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What is the model and is the tuner missing and cables or anything?
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