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"I'm not digging it," Leneschmidt said. "It's too boxy on the inside and the gauges look cheap."

Reginald Alexander, a 6-foot-4-inch Detroit resident who owns a commercial and residential painting business, couldn't fit in the backseat.

Neither could 6-foot-tall William O. Lee, a data processing program analyst for the City of Detroit Waste Water Treatment Plant.

When the panelists conferred after their introduction to the Charger, not one said he or she would buy it.

"Not even me," said Delores Hunter, 56, a retired U.S. Postal Service supervisor from Detroit whose late husband worked as a skilled tradesman for Chrysler for 29 years.
"I'm a Chrysler girl," she said. "But it don't give me no 'oomph"
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