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decided to pull the trigger

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so after an almost 2 year hiatus of the charger staying in the driveway, decided on some upgrades. I can't wait till the parts get on island.

Auto part Tool accessory Automotive engine part Bicycle part

Arrington stage 4 ported heads, 85mm TB, and CC-642 cam shaft

Blue Product Transport Cobalt blue Plastic

billet tech valve covers

Automotive exterior Bumper Rectangle Table Roof

coil pack covers
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Yeah it does. The BT parts unfourtunetly will be way down the line because of their production run but I talked to Alex at Arrington and he is going to try and get the rest out to me separately. I can't wait!
I'm going to take it to Ron at RNS He gave me a good qoute for a 25 hour job and he was recomended to me by another shop when i was looking for an installer. They told me he had done a bit of work on late 5.7's. I'm going to order all the gaskets myself from cutter so that doesn't delay the job. I had called cutter and they don't hold them in stock, which is wierd to me since they are just gaskets, but whatever.
Unfourtunetly my previous dyno sheets were saved on my other laptop which won't power on anymore, lost a lot of stuff on that thing. my numbers before numbers are in my sig. I'll try to get it on a dyno after the install. No track times. Never got it there when I was in virginia and there isn't one out here yet. :disgust:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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