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Daytona in the Flesh -- via

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Sometimes cars just look better in person. Even though I was partial to the Daytona images we saw earlier this week the car looks even better in person and even better than the stock Charger itself. People everywhere that have dismissed the Charger due to the four-door body need to readjust their thinking. Here is a company actually bringing back the heritage of muscle cars, throwing out limited editions with wild colors and blacked out grills and all they can say is ”it’s not a coupe.” Would they rather the company slap the Charger name on a 2-door economy coupe the size of the Cobalt? Nah this is hot. It says, “I can burn rubber” just standing still.

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When I first looked at the promo Red model of the Charger, I can honestly say that I HATED the way it looked. The comments of the DCx execs...namely Mr Creed just inflammed my view. Yet as I have been logging more onto this site and looking at this Orange Go ManGo Charger...again and again...this car is really starting to grow on me. So im going to wait to see what they look like in person, and until then I don't think i'll make fun of the cars looks :)
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