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My local dealer left me a cell message the other day, which i got late last night, stating they had two Daytona's just come off the truck...

So of course I had to go see one in person!!! Car #339 had some fun this evening and so did it's driver <--- Me!!!

I debated all day about going to drive the Daytona, cause i'm already chopping at the bit to get mine, now so even MORE!!! Took the wife with me and she liked the vehicle... stating its not as orange as i'd thought... and am I getting matching "GoManGo" Hat, shirt and coats :whistle:

Thank the maker, #339 did have all the options I want; or it'd be sitting in my garage tonight... actually it would be on the road most of the night getting broken in... even at $3.39 a gallon :p

.... counting the days....
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