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Dashboard resets

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Hey guys/gals.

So... while driving my 2013, my dashboard shuts off and restarts by itself. The lights shut off, gages go to zero and NAV system goes blank (white) and restarts. Happens during the day and at night. Parked and/or while driving. I know it's about to happen as the center read-out begins to flicker. Engine does not shut off when this happens. I did manage to record it using my cell phone.

Yes, car is still under full warranty but dealer says he would charge me $125 if problem is not seen/found. Seeing as it's happens intermediately, I rather try to troubleshoot the problem myself (if possible).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Find a new dealer. Its ridiculous that they are saying they will charge you if a problem isn't found. You can pretty much bet that they "won't find a problem" the first go around.
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