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Ok Guys and Gals !

Those that have the DH it would be nice to get a few more people testing the newest public beta.

The current beta is #8, it has a LOT of new features and a lot of fixes for other cars. They broke several things early on and have reworked a lot of thing.

Cool new stuff :

5 Data Logs
More PIDs ( mostly trucks and diesel )
5 logs for 0-60 / 1/4 Mile

I used this last night and this morring and no issues ( power cycling and N/A on PID info ) BUT it would be nice if we could test it scross a few more cars in the LX line.

So take look here :

This will be the new 2.3.0 software when it goes final.


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I'll get this tonite and do some runs tommorow:) I did see that dat manipulation thread you made, took a quick look, looks great, thanks for the effort.

I'm still hoping for either raw numbers for the steering angle and yaw sensor:)
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