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Charger 68 Open Mouth Grille Installation Instructions

1) The first step is to remove your front fascia.

2) Next, unbolt the grille and remove it from the fascia. Don't forget there are 4 snap- in tabs that must
be depressed to remove the grille.

3) Now, you must get a hack saw blade and chop the rubber center brace out the center of the fascia.
You can easily reinstall this brace at a later date by "welding" it back in with a soldering iron if you
ever should want to go back to the original grille. If you wrap tape around the blade, it can be easily cut out by hand.

4) Next, unscrew and remove all 8 fastening bolts from the grille and carfully slide the grille into place
without scratching the paint. You now need to estimate where the holes for the 4 lower studs will
be drilled, and then remove the grille and cover that area of the fascia with masking tape to protect it.

5) Now to locate the exact places to drill. Slide the grille back into place, pull it back out around 1 inch,
and then press very hard on the bottom of the grille while forcing it into place. The bottom stud
mounts should dig into the tape and leave a mark precisly where to drill at the end of the scratch.

6) Now, drill the 4 holes out with a 1/4" drill bit. You should now bolt up the 4 lower bolts and test
fit the grille. You may need to adjust the holes until the grille is sitting almost flush with the fascia.

7) Once you are happy with the fit, use a 3/16" drill bit to drill the 4 upper holes. Remove the grille and
then enlarge the holes to 1/4". At this point, you should bolt up the entire grille with all 8 bolts and
the center bar should be connected to the 2 center lower studs. Many times there is a small gap
in the area just below the center of the grille. You can wedge something between the bar and the
fascia to close the gap, then make sure to put some adhesive on it later to keep it from sliding out.
I like using pieces of cut up plastic bondo spreaders as wedges, but many other things will do.
With a little effort you should be able to get a perfect install with no gaps.

8) The next step is to remove the grille and have it painted. If you are using the aluminum mesh and
you want to paint it black, you should apply a special primer so the paint will not chip off. Before
painting it, you should center it in place and bend the edges of the mesh around the grille so it
can be bonded in place. I recommend just using small dabs of bondo every 3 inches to hold it on.

9) If you are using our Daytona/SRT8 style Black Honeycomb Mesh, you should use 3M 5200 ($10)
adhesive from Home Depot to bond it on. Make sure to scuff the back of the grille and the flange
of the insert with 40-80 grille sandpaper and hold it in place to dry for 1-2 days with masking tape.

10) Now put it back together and and enjoy your new grille. If you need any help, you can call (305)
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