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Damaged wheel coating inside lug barrel

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I damaged a lug barrel on the wheel due to my stupidity of using a slightly rusted tire iron - couldn't find my breaker bar. It rubbed when the wheel was ****eyed and about to come off... took off clearcoat only (I'm guessing that's all these wheels have?) about half the size of a dime. Any ideas how I should deal with this?

Wheels are on a new '15 SRT.

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Shoot :crying:

So these wheel are painted and clearcoated? I wasn't sure if forged wheels were somehow different.

I'll see what I can find. A guy on the Hellcat forum suggested a Sharpie. Not sure if he was serious.
These wheels are powder coated in a metallic color and then powder coated in clear. It's not paint.

In order to repair then, they need to be stripped back to the base aluminum and refinished with both coats of powder coating. Your best bet is to use some touch-up paint that is close and call it a day unless you want to refinish the entire wheel. There is no such thing as a powder coat "touch-up".
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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