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Hey guys,
My name is Anthony Patton, AKA , Man of steel.
I am the President of C-4 or Custom Chargers Car Club.
We are located in Norfolk Va, and we are constantly growing. However we have set a new goal for our charger family.
Our goal is to branch out and make C-4 Nationwide, Bringing in members from all over the United States. Our doors are open to anyone that wishes to be a part of this fantastic organization.
For more information feel free to PM me or even call.
My number is 757-831-3106, anytime.
If I do not answer just leave your name and what you think, and i'll get back with you.

Thanks for your time.
See ya on the street.

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TOOK YA LONG ENOUGH TO INCLUDE US NEW ENGLANDERS!!! I saw your posts in every other forum but was wondering when the one for New England would surface. Forgot about us?? lol

A bunch of us are establishing "New England Mopar Club", we will have to read over your website, perhaps do both. Thanks for the invite

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