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Ok, here are the details:

We will be departing the Basketball Hall of Fame at 9:30 SHARP. We will then be escorted to RT 91 North and on our way to the Vermont line. We will be brought to the OLD Vermont rest stop right over the MA/VT line. It is gated but a friend of mine from VT DMV Enforcement will have it unlocked so we can have the changing of the guard there to the VT Sheriffs Charger which will escort us to the show. My friend from the DMV will also be video taping us from the Northfield/Bernardston overpass so when we approach, wave,flash your lights etc when you see him on the overpass. Once we make the change we will continue to exit 1 in Vermont and make a stop at the outlet shops to pickup any people there. Ladys, NO SHOPPING. lol. We will make this a quick stop and then jump back on RT 91 and continue to exit 2 where we will exit. We take a left off the exit and continue to Cedar Street which is on the left. This road will take us to RT 30. We will make a brief stop at a lot there to regroup. Then it's off to the campground. Enjoy this part of the trip as the scenery is very nice. It was originally planned to go through downtown Brattleboro but due to a very old church steeple getting hit by lightning, the downtown route is crowded and not a safe route.

If there are any questions feel free to pm me.

Gary N
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