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Crankshaft Position sensor-2012 R/T Charger RWD

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I got a check engine light & have to replace the crankshaft position sensor. Now that I got the part, the diagrams on websites show the location of the sensor (part 05149230AA) behind the engine block on the driver side. However, I can't see it. Is it possible it's located elsewhere? Or is it behind something else that needs to be removed in order to view it?

Any help would be great
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It's located behind the starter in the engine block. You need to remove the starter to get to it.
You quoted the previous post but added no additional comment.
Yesterday when I was driving to work, the MIL light came on. That is the first time I've ever had it come on in the Charger. I didn't notice anything odd about how the car was running other than when I was sitting in the parking lot with the engine still on, I noticed a slight miss or shudder. I drove the car several times during the day afterwards and each time the MIL light was still on but it drove fine, no shudder/miss. When I got home last night, I hooked my OB2 code reader and pulled P0016 "Crankshaft position-Camshaft position correlation- Bank 1 Sensor A". So today, no MIL light and everything is running fine. I did a little research and read up on the error and apparently after 3 good trips with no fault, the light turns off. This would make sense as I drove 3 additional times after the trip to work when the light came on. So my question is, should I still take it in to the dealer and have them check it? Is there even anything they can check, especially now that the light isn't on? I saw something about a recall in a previous post, but have not received any notifications of any recalls on mine.
Recall P01 is for the timing chain.
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