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I have an issue when I wire the Coolit Module up to the 20 amp fuse for constant power (Alternate Power Connection) so I can run the fans without the key in the ignition, the fans constantly run in low.
I'm running a 170 degree t-stat so I programmed the fans to kick on at 172 degrees using mode 8. The instructions indicate the Coolit Module will automatically return to the automatic mode once mode 8 has been programmed.
With the key out of the ignition, I noticed the fans continued to run on low speed with everything turned off and having allowed the water temp to cool to less than 170 degrees. I decided to run the following test with the key out of the ignition:
1) Activated mode 6 to turn the fans off - they turned off.
2) Activated mode 5 to return to auto mode - the fans kicked on in low again.
3) Placed the power wire under the 25 amp fuse - the fans turned off. (Duh, switched power!!).
4) Started car and fans kicked on low speed at 172 degrees, however never go to high in auto mode no matter what the temp is (tested up to 200 degrees). The exception is when I turn on the air cond, the fans go to high (I believe this is normal operation even without the Coolit Mod).

Everything was done in the garage in park so temp range will probably vary and may even hold at 172 degrees with some of that hot Phoenix air coming through the grill while driving.

My biggest question is if it's normal for the fans to run on low with the alternate power connection? I mainly want the ability to have the fans running with the key out of the ignition at the drag strip to help cool down and I was hoping not to have to change the pwr lead everytime I want to do that.
My second question is when in automatic mode, should the fans ever switch to high speed? If so, at what temp?
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