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Cool wheel for Charger!!

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I tried to attach the pic, but it won't upload, sorry. Go to on the left click on Charger 2006 , then click on the + aftermarket , it's MC2's wheel RT19. Looks killer IMHO. Mike :)
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CO-Charger said:
Folks if you are using Mozilla Firefox the link will not produce the aftermarket output. I was able to finally see this by using IE.

As for the wheels. Looked at all four of the MCRT models and would agree that the RT19's are the best looking of the bunch. But I just cannot get over the $2295 price tag ($573.95 per) JUST for the wheels alone. Maybe I am stuck in a timewarp, but I remember buying S/S Cragers for my old '69 Charger and paying less than $50 per. Yes those were '77-'79 dollars, so I would expect the same to go for $100-150 per... but over $500 per then $250-$500 per for tires on top of that??? Whoa Nelly!! We're talk'n 3, 4, maybe even $5K for wheels and tires... just for some big chrome and skinny rubber.
Look again, I'm pretty sure the $2295 price includes the tires which were 255 45 20's.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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