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Cool wheel for Charger!!

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I tried to attach the pic, but it won't upload, sorry. Go to on the left click on Charger 2006 , then click on the + aftermarket , it's MC2's wheel RT19. Looks killer IMHO. Mike :)
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Yeah, I'm trying to balance budget vs. quality...I'm probably going to go ahead and order ASA ST3 18 inch wheels ($200 per) and 245/55/18 BFGoodrich g-Force KDWS tires ($130 per)...$1320 but gives me a noticable boost in performance and looks for my SE.
I'm not upgrading the tire just for the speed rating, I don't really like the Goodyear Integrity's that came with my SE (and I believe SXT's too?)...they squeel everytime I break and I don't trust them on sharp turns.
ChargerSXT said:
My SXT came with Continentals...but then again I did upgrade to the 18" R/T style wheels. :happy:
How do you like those continentals? I've heard some pretty unflattering opinions on them...
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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