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Cool wheel for Charger!!

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I tried to attach the pic, but it won't upload, sorry. Go to on the left click on Charger 2006 , then click on the + aftermarket , it's MC2's wheel RT19. Looks killer IMHO. Mike :)
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My SXT came with Continentals...but then again I did upgrade to the 18" R/T style wheels. :happy:
R33T said:
How do you like those continentals? I've heard some pretty unflattering opinions on them...
So far, so good (just over 900 miles so far). They have a pretty smooth ride and good handling in both wet and dry conditions. I'm curious as to the type of milage that they get.

I have to say that I'm by no means and "expert" when it comes to evaluating car tires. The only cars I have to compare the tires/ride quality of my Charger to are my wife's 02 Mercury Mountaineer and my old 94 Chevy S-10 Blazer (which bounced around like a cork in a bath tub). Also, I have more experience with 2 wheels vice 4. And it is MUCH easier to evaluate tires on a motorcycle than it is a car since motorcycles are typically set up to give more feedback to the rider through the tires/suspension than a car is.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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