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convertable 300 coupe pics

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I know its not a charger but it is a sister to it, I found this link off of google <article>.

I wonder how long it will be till they do this to the charger!
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The 300C was customized by WCC and looks awesome but it would cost someone
around $150,000 to get one for thereself. All the other ones I have seen look just
terrible. They all have the center window bar still sticking up and are just plain
disgusting. The Charger isn't selling as fast as the 300 and I like it that way.
The Charger looks sooo much better than a 300 and it doesn't have the stereo
type of being a BLING BLING car that only a rapper or GANGSTA would drive.
The Charger is a tough looking muscle car that also has class and some leg room.

I am working on getting some pics posted of mine and then you'll see what I mean.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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