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Josh and I went down to Bradenton Fl. for the first NMCA race.He qualified number 1 in the EFI Late Model Class with Paul Cooks 300c with a 12.021.Unfortunately he redlit in the second round(he ran another 12.02)Still a great weekend. Bruce qualified number 4 in Pro Stock and lost in the finals 8.657 to 8.656 also with a redlight.Huge Thank You to Paul for the use of the car and great to meet Dave Sawin(Fixer Motorsports)who built a great running car for Paul and the rest of the guys from FL.
Next race is Bowling Green,KY May 2-4 anyone local should come out and try this class
Heres a link to the schedule
Click here to see some videos from the weekend
Heres a picture of Josh from 1st round
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