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Coming home

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So I am finally getting ready to leave Iraq this week. Bought my Charger right before I deployed in Dec 07. The wife has been driving it the whole time. Done a couple things so far but gonna do a few more.

Anyone know where I can get my rally stripes put on that I got? Need a decent place to do that and put my tint on. Any help would be great.
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as a fellow fighter I welcome you home.... Good luck on thr return trip. They tried to shoot me down on the way back........
Welcome home buddy. Not sure about the install. Let me know if you find a place affordable. I was thinking about flat black stripes for mine. I called some places but they wanted over 2beans to install so I put it off.
Welcome back and thank you for your service in keeping us all safe.
welcome back!! as for the tint go to TNT tinting down by the airport, you go on their website and get an internet quote and then take it to them, they have a nationwide lifetime guarantee on the tint so its good for military people!!! plus they do have good tints!!

:bigthumb::bigthumb: Big thumbs up to TNT. Kinda pricey but you get what you pay for right? Lifetime guarantee on the film so you can take your car to ANY place that sells that tint and it will be fixed. TNT did a good job on the install to. (even cleaned the car up a little while they waited for me to pick it up. I recommend them and I will use them to tint the wifes van.
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