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This is a repost so our customers know we will be closed during this time frame and that we are in the Houston Texas area to tune vehicles. A number will be posted for customers to reach us in Houston if you are interested in getting tuned while we are down there!


Dyno Shop will be located at

Advanced Racing Dynamics
5023 Ad****s Satsuma Rd.
Houston, TX 77084

Complete Information!

As some of you may know we have been looking to reserve a dyno in the Houston area to assist those local to Houston in getting a Dyno tuned CMR Tune in their vehicles. We have finally got the prices hashed out and here is what we got for you... If you are interested however, I need you to call me to book your appointments asap or shoot me a PM with your number and I will call you back!! We need to reserve the dyno asap.

Here is the final Details...

We can get the dyno for the following Days...
This is 2WD Only guys... AWD Dyno Shops wanted over $150 an hour just for rental!! However let your jeep guys know... We can tune the jeeps!!

Nov 24th, Nov 26th thru Dec 1st.

We can only do 3-4 cars a day depending on the notice... So the slots will be booked up on a first come basis...

$799.00 per car
Fee includes 3 hours of Dyno Rental, Wideband Airfuel Monitoring, CMR Tuning by Pro-Motion Tuning, and Printouts. Additional hours on the dyno are $75 an hour. If you have a mail tune from us, your price will be reduced $129 making your total only $670.00

Additional Information and Items Required...

You will need to bring your predator. We need your predator updated to the CROM 17 File prior to arriving at the Dyno Shop.

The dyno shop does not have the ability to use a Sniffer in the Tail Pipe... So they will have to have a bung in your headers to insert the wideband... This is actually better then a tail sniffer. Since I talked to the shop and mentioned most customers wont have a bung, they have offered to weld in a bung, and provide a fitting plug for after the session for $29!!! Thats a steal fellas!!

The fine details....

You will be charged the full amount to reserve your spot. Your deposit is NON-Refundable... If we cant make it for some reason, you will be credited back 100%... However these time slots are LOCKED once you pay... So if you are scheduled to be on the dyno from 12-3pm and you show up at 2pm, I cant help you... We have alot of cars to tune in the week we are in town and need this to run smoothly.

We will make every attempt possible to get your car done in 3 hours, which is included in the price. However if it does take longer, the car owner will be paying the shop directly $75 an hour. I do not see this happening, but incase.

All tunes will be saved in the diablo and emailed to our customers to save as well. If you wish to work with Dave or I after the dyno on the small settings like TQ Management, Fans, Etc... We will do that OFF the dyno at no charge... Remember.. if we are sitting on the dyno, we have to pay the shop... We dont want you guys to have to pay more money!

Last piece of advice... BOOK FAST... We have this message on several message boards and have over 30 people interested... On top of this, Lee @ Frank Racing has a few customers as well...

I look forward to talking to you all soon.... With that said... Here is my schedule incase you are trying to book and cant reach me... Remember feel free to PM me your number and I will call you...

Nov 19th-Nov 21st - Regular business hours, 9am-6pm EST
Nov 22nd - Turkey Day!
Nov 23rd - Out Of State - On an Airplane flying to Houston Texas...
Nov 24th - Dec 1st - WE ARE IN HOUSTON!!!
Dec 2nd - Return Flight to Virginia!

[email protected]
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