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Clockspring? B1B02 code

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Dodge Charger 2006

Airbag light is on, horn does not work, although cruise control does work.

Mechanic gave me an Airbag code B1B02 and a Check Engine code P0420.

Dodge wants to charge me $150 per diagnostic (one for the airbag and one for the check engine) but I figured from the googling I done, the airbag is likely to be the clockspring because of the fact the horn doesn't work as well. But I wanted to confirm that, because the cruise control works, does that rule out the clock spring being the issue?

Also, any suggestions for the P0420 code?
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Also, any suggestions for the P0420 code?
P0420 is Converter efficiency is low.

Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold. The catalyst system being referred to is your three-way catalytic converter; so the catalytic converter is not working properly (i.e. it's not efficient). So, to really simply things let's just say that the efficiency of the catalytic converter and/or exhaust pipe and/or O2 sensor is not so great.

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