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Clockspring? B1B02 code

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Dodge Charger 2006

Airbag light is on, horn does not work, although cruise control does work.

Mechanic gave me an Airbag code B1B02 and a Check Engine code P0420.

Dodge wants to charge me $150 per diagnostic (one for the airbag and one for the check engine) but I figured from the googling I done, the airbag is likely to be the clockspring because of the fact the horn doesn't work as well. But I wanted to confirm that, because the cruise control works, does that rule out the clock spring being the issue?

Also, any suggestions for the P0420 code?
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sounds like a column electrical connection issue to me.
Really? This would cause the B1B02 code to come up? Now you're making me think I'll have to go pay dodge for the more precise diagnostics test!
Replaced the clock spring.

Horn works
Air bag light gone

Thanks for input
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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