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check it out people, I'm coming to hawaii in march

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so im coming to hawaii in march and ive been posted in a few magazines......ive made some connections now with european car magazines and made a few friends..... a friend is going to come down a few months after i get there to do some photoshoots of rides and i figured what better way then to maybe get some of our mopar owners involved in heres the deal.... if you think youve got enough into your ride to be in a magazine, let me know and post some pics of your ride in here and ill see what i can do..... even if you have some friends with sweet rides that arent mopars ... you could post them too.....they are european magazines and a couple tuner magazines from the states that he shoots up if you want in on this ......ill try my best to get you in ....
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Hey Bro,
Keep us posted....Here is my ride.

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Cool.... Yeah of course ill keep yall up to date for when i get there an ish,,,,,, probably going to mee up with you guys anyways for a m&g when i get there ..... Would love to meet som of the people that i see writin on the forums
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