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attending Autofair?

I will not only be attending, but will be showing 2 of my four Mopars, with 2 different clubs. Depending on the weather, as to which I will bring. I know for sure I will bring my customized PT Cruiser, and this is not just a glue on add job like most. That will be with the Carolina PT Cruisers Club in the 4th turn , under the stands. The other car is up in the air. I usually bring my 85 Chrysler Laser Turbo all original. Don't laugh boys... this car has won best of show at the All Mopar show. ...and Best original at Hendrick Motorsports Fall show with over 200 cars there. But hence, I will leave that one at home under covers. It will be either my daily driver 97 Sebring conv. (ho hum) if it's wet out or my new baby. 2007 Sublime R/T Daytona #126. Stop by and see me. That club will be outside the track to the right of the big blue tower near gate 6. That club features mostly turbo Mopars from the 80's. Most are into tech items and tricking them out engine wise...not exterior add ons. One guy has a 300+ horsepower 4 cyl turbo!...and a Yellow 99 Prowler should join us this time too.

pray for no rain....again!:nervous s

everything else aside this show is the biggest in the world! it's worth it!!! inside the track is absolutley full too!
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