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2007 dodge charger RT, V8 5.7L, Police interceptor package. 133k miles on dash, but just did a engine swap, and has 78k miles on it.

So, before you all ask, yes i changed the alternator, and yes i changed the battery, and yes the battery cables are grounded correctly. It’s weird because when the car is on, and jumped, it stays on, but after 10-20seconds the lights on the dash start going DIM and all the lights just start flickering and going crazy. If i can upload a problem of what’s happening i would. Let me know how to do that, and if anyone knows anything? I did check the rear fuses and some are bent, but which fuses in the rear compartment near battery actually matter, and can show you show me a picture or diagram of which one’s actually matter. Thanks in advance.
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I had a similar issue, and I saw your note on top but it sounds like text book bad alternator. Start by bench testing the alternator at a parts store, or grab a voltmeter and check the battery and alternator voltage. It sounds like your battery will take a jump but the alternator is not charging the system after it starts. If the alternator is not working the voltage will drain causing the dim lights and error codes that your components are failing. I did a visual on my alternator and found the positive cable was melted to the terminal. Once I got the cable cleaned off and changed the alternator, it started and ran fine. This was not on my Charger but on my 2016 Ram 1500 eco. Hope this helps. Apologies if this is not the fix.
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