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Hi how is everyone doin'?
My name is Steven and I need a little help finding out exact mods I will need, My charger is black '08 3.5 L SE, I know it is a basic model and in everyone else eyes it isn't the most ideal charger to mod but if you were ever 21 years old buying a car for the first time and but all you blood & sweat into paying it off it holds significance to you and want to be proud of it. I want to turn this into the famous "Dad's Sunday Car" :driving: 30 years from now ripping & roaring down the streets. So now enough of the day dreaming, now here are some of my mod questions.

#1. I currently have Staggered Tires 235-55-18 in the front, 255-60-18 in the back Nexxons (all I could afford at the time). What are the biggest width & rim size I can go in the back and biggest in the front to keep that staggered look?

#2. I have always loved the hot rod lifted look, my question is what do prices look like if i wanted to lift the rear of my charger an inch or two? and what are your thoughts on the look?

#3. I know it may sound dumb but any thoughts on if i were to swap out the engine for a Hemi and SRT-8 hood? :rocker:
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