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charger logo above glove box

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Hey everyone,

Wondering if anyone has similar results or a proposed fix for my charger logo right above the glove box. (2014)

The metal plate does not seem to be laying flat in the recess, and seems to be curving outward over time. I can push the center in with my finger, and it lays flat for about a day, then it starts to creep out from the center again.

I thought about prying the part out and using some gorilla glue, but I dont want to damage the piece.

Does rebadge make a replacement component?

I'm OCD, and this is bothering me
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Isn't your car still under warranty? Have it fixed.
Sorry, I should have been more specific: Anyone with a 2013/14 have a similar issue?
What does that have to do with having a defective part fixed under warranty? It doesn't matter if anyone else experiences it, it is occurring on your new car and it should be repaired by Dodge accordingly.

It's what warranties are for.
Well I'm not sure about if this is defective or if others have tried to take it in for a fix, or if others have solved this by reading someone else's idea.

I understand you are a staunch supporter of the purpose of a warranty, but I thought I would appeal to the vast amount of experience and knowledge available on this board. I just like to do things myself if at all possible, and not deal with the hassle of my local dealer. I took it in to have the USB port fixed with 212 miles on the odometer and it turned out to be a week-long process with no car.

Could be nobody has experienced this yet - I was just asking, that's all.
I understand that, but with cars this new problems like this tend to be unique and employing the warranty is the first line of approach. If you mess with it and cause bigger issues, it won't be covered by your warranty.

My first thought is that the adhesive tape they used is defective and needs to be replaced. Since it's part of the whole piece (adhesive tape included) it needs to be removed and replaced with a new part. These types of trim pieces are usually "one way" in that they aren't designed to be removed and repaired, simply removed and replaced. The process of removal generally renders them damaged beyond repair.

If you want to take a chance at fixing it yourself, run a piece of fishing line under one edge and saw it back and forth to the opposite edge to cut the adhesive tape loose. Then clean off all of the old tape and replace with new 3M adhesive double-sided molding tape of the correct dimension and re-attach..
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You're right though, I'm concerned about deforming the piece as it comes out and never having it go back in how I want it. Could be this is just one of those things that a do-it-yourselfer needs to take into the dealer.

I have learned over the years that one of the by-products of internet forums is to provide a reality check from time to time. Though the public's answers sometimes are not what we want to hear, I really respect those who are even-keeled and bring us all down to earth.

I suspect from your post count that you have done just that numerous times before.

Late there in Philly?
Not really, it's only 10:30 pm. ;)

Glad to help BTW. :)
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