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Hello guys.

I tried at several times find any thread regarding my problem but didn't find any (or at least similar), so i'm posting a new one.
I bought a Charger R/T 5.7 v8 HEMI in Ohio and i live in Massachusetts. The car has less than 80k miles on it and i figured out it would be a good deal (by the age of the car).
Turns out that one friend of mine that knows some mechanic thing, noticed a noise that increased with time. I went to the dodge and they made a diagnosis that the camshaft and the lifters had to be replaced. the only problem is that i signed a paper where it says "as is". The dealer don't want to get the car back and the Warranty don't want to cover telling that was a pre existing problem in the car and they wouldn't cover.
According to the video my concern is if i can still drive the car because one mechanic told me that i could if it was just the lifters. If someone could recommend a mechanic in MA that could do the repair and give a warranty in the service. Considering that i have spent all my savings on the down payment for it.

Heres is the video showing the problem.
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