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Orange Shelby
Headers, catback, cai, pulley upgrade and our tune: 601whp

Black Shelby
2.8L Kenne Bell supercharger @18 psi, headers, catback and our tune: 719whp

Silver Challenger SRT8
CAI, Kooks long tube headers and high flow cats, Corsa catback and our custom tune: 401whp

Black Challenger RT
Techco supercharger @ 5psi, Kooks headers, catback and custom tune: 422whp

White Mustang GT (in back ground)
Techco supercharger, built forged shortblock, our custom cams, Kooks long tube headers, Magnaflow catback, suspension, 6 speed tranny swap, differential, roll cage, etc,etc,etc--(it was a huge build): 568whp
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