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My car is a 2010 Charger Interceptor (Police package or R/T for all intents and purposes) - It was manufactured in 2009
So about a year and a half ago I took my car to a performance shop to get the exhaust done. Since then I have been struggling with a P2096 CEL (Bank 1 Lean). I have tried and tried to fix this myself and the shop I got my exhaust done at was not much help in fixing the problem. Normally I would let it go but it is preventing me from passing emissions and I cannot get the car inspected... I should have turned to the forums a long time ago but everyone I asked for help (Including multiple mechanics) have been no help.

My current mods in case it matters...
K&N CAI Kit (Short Ram)
Exhaust: True dual with Magnaflow High flow cats and flowmaster super 10s (stock headers)
Diablo T2 tune (CAI 91 Octane tune) Note: This was added after the CEL originally came on.

I will list all repairs to the car whether they are relevant or not just for reference. Since the code came I have replaced...
Intake manifold gasket
Cyl 1 and 2 Injectors
Both fuel pumps
All 4 O2 sensors
MAF sensor
Oil Pressure Sensor
PCV Valve
Spark Plugs (Dont remember which plugs but I think they were the NGK Iridium or Platinum ones. I didn't cheap out.)
Vacuum system smoke
Also took the car back to the shop after I got the code to have them check for exhaust leaks and they said they found nothing

I am using the previously mentioned Diablo T2 for the data I am getting from the car. I also tried resetting the tune to factory in case the tuner was screwing with the ECU. According to the scan data from the tuner it is clear why I am getting a code but I cannot figure out where to go next... Here is the data for from the O2 sensors at warm idle...
Fuel trims are all within 5% (usually hovering around 1%-4%)
Bank 1 Sensor 1: hovering from 200mV to 800mV
Bank 2 Sensor 1: hovering from 200mV to 800mV
Bank 1 Sensor 2: hovering from 25mV to 85mV (Well... There's my problem)
Bank 2 Sensor 2: hovering from 600mV to 800mV (usually staying pretty close to 700mV)

NOTE: If I put it in gear and start moving my bank 1 sensor 2 gets pretty close to matching bank 2 sensor 2. Also if I rev it a little bit, after the rpms level off bank 1 sensor 2 matches bank 2 sensor 2 for a few seconds before dropping back down to its range of under 100mV.

I can gather more data if requested.
My current theories are either a small exhaust leak/ missing or leaky exhaust gasket OR something with Bank 1 Sensor 2 wiring (possibly shorting or fraying somewhere). I have done a visual inspection to the best of my abilities and I could not find either of these and am at a loss. After a LOT of time and a good bit of money I am really frustrated and need to fix this.

On a side note I am also very aggravated with this problem because I have had multiple people say to me "It's all those aftermarket parts you're using" or "It's the high flow cats. You need to take those off to fix the code".One of those people was a mechanic that I PAID to help me get the CEL off and he definitely saw the O2 sensor readings. Also IF it was the high flow cats wouldn't I be getting a P2098 from the cat on bank 2 as well? From what I have read on forum posts from other owners that do work to their charger or challenger they only get a CEL like this if they have the long tube headers and high flow cats or something along those lines. Just high flow cats doesn't give anyone else issues like this. Having just the bank one code really limits my range of problems. Also a good thing to note is I have no misfire codes or any other CEL codes for that matter.

If anyone can help me I would REALLY appreciate it. I have gone through so much and still come up with nothing and not having inspection is getting VERY difficult after this long. For anyone who reads this or tries to help me solve it, thank you so much in advance!!

Tyler - OnParMopar
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