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I've seen some posts that the OEM xpipe is fine, and I agreed for a long time until I found out that the OME xpipe is really more of an h-pipe in disguise. I recorded some scavenging test with both the Carven 3' Xpipe and the OEM Xpipe. The carven was clearly the winner.

Carven Xpipe: The middle weld is a fully open, 8" hole....a true Xpipe.
OEM Xpipe: The middle is approx 6" however it's almost fully sealed, with the exception of a hole the size of a US Quarter in the middle. Scavenging was almost non-existent in my quick test (using compressed air).

This picture shows the middle of the OEM xpipe (blue light is an LED flashlight). You can see that hole in the middle...thats it for "X" in's about the size of a quarter.
Liquid Water Azure Fluid Eyelash

This picture is if the Carven restrictions
Eye Water Iris Flash photography Wood

These two pics show outside shots of Carven (left) and OEM (right) Xpipes.
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The sound is definitely different....the OEM pipe was louder and "trumpeted" more on WOT. The Carven is a bit lower in volume, however with a much crisper "v8 tone"...if that makes sense.

Overall I am happy with my, what I'll call, upgrade. I do want the volume back though LOL so I plan on looking into axle-back to change out the rear resonators (vs deleting them, I am not a fan of just deleting it).
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