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anyone know when the carnival is going to be at the stadium again? i wish there was an amusement park on island. love rollercoasters
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lol... me toooo man ... love the coasters.... but i have no idea when the next one is... only been on the island about 2 months but maybe beam or someone else will chime in.... if we find when one is maybe we could set it up as a M&G
That would be cool.....or a tailgate at Sandy Beach, or Ala Moana Beach Park?
yeah no kidding ... we should do that .... dont think ive been to sandy beach yet
would should start getting the word out now and maybe set a date for like mid to late june so we can get some people
Late June would be good as I will be off island the first three weeks.....
alright cool...... my birthday is at the end june too so that would be great... maybe the 26 or 27th which would be sat or sun last weekend in june...
now we would just have to pic a spot....
and it looks like there is something called the bayfest in kaneohe mid august from what i just found in google search engine...... carnival rides , the works....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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