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I searched the forum and only found 2 posts dealing with new paint care, and neither page would load, so apologies if this has been covered...

In about 2 weeks, I will have my 06 SRT back with brand spankin new BB pearl paint all over. I know from discussions with the body shop that I have to wait 90 days before applying wax.
My questions then become;
Since the paint is new, there should be no imperfections to correct, should I do a polish then a wax, or jump straight to the wax. (After a correct and complete wash and dry of course)

What would be a good wax to use?
Should a sealant be applied before the wax?
Any sugestions for a long term protection product?
I would like to not only protect the paint from birds, bugs, tree sap, etc, but something that would also provide a nice, deep, glassy shine. Easy to apply would be a plus as well.

I've seen a ton of posts by Junkman detailing how to correct and protect paint finishes, not sure where or how to begin in the protection process for brand new paint.
I live in an apartment with no access to a garage; we do have a coin-op self-serve wash bay w/vaccum, so I have access to high pressure water and a car vac.
Running power for a polisher or steamer involves stretching out about 175' of extension cords, so battery power/cordless power tools are a major plus as well.
I can find some shade under overhanging trees, but then run the risk of sap dripping and birds having target practice.

Open to any and all suggestions!

As always, a BIG THANKS in advance!
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