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Car Show 10/08 at Aloha Stadium

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Xccellerate Magazine is hosting a Car Show this Sunday at the Aloha Stadium from 10-6. It should be a good time with the show, motorcycle stunt show, bikini contest, hop-off and other stuff. Hope to see people there.
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Ohh, and there will be a party after.... 2 kegs and we all need help emptying them!
Sorry couldn't make it, but how was the show?
It wasn't too bad. It was a scorcher out there though! A 2007 Saleen Mustang that has never been driven, except onto a truck to go strait to a shop where they put $6,000 of work into, won first. It was a beautiful car inside and out and had some really nice work done to it.... so no hard feelings. My boy with a Charger R/T took second. He's sitting on 22's, has a double din DVD, headrest monitors and a rearview mirror monitor. He deserved to take second no doubt. The only kicker is when we found out that a Chrysler Sebring sitting on Chrome 18's, and that is all, one third! His car wasn't washed, you could see waterspots and grime everwhere, and the inside was filthy (no vacumming) with at least a 1/2" of dust all over his subs and amp! Come to find out he was one of the judges. Ohhh well, Que Sera, Sera. Everything else was very enjoyable. There were some really nice cars out there.
I heard that most of those were fixed. I've never heard of a rearview mirror monitor, what the heck is that?
It's a rearview mirror that has a small screen in the right corner.. pretty cool, but it would seem destracting to me while driving. Ohh, and yes, this really seemed fixed. The last one I was in all the people that placed actually seemed like the people that deserved to place.
Yeah I couldn't have that either, I would end up putting some porn in and getting in a wreck!!! :knockout:
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