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So you just bought your brand new 2015 Dodge Charger and parked it near your house, now it could be a time to think about it's protection.

Nonetheless you are planning to keep it nice and clean in a garage, in a parking lot or near your house, the good quality car cover will guarantee the maximum level of protection to it.

First of all there 2 types of car covers: the Indoor car covers & the Outdoor ones;

The Outdoor car covers are made to be breathable, water and mildew resistant, designed to protect your ride even in the most harsh conditions. They do their job perfectly and shield your Charger from

bird and tree dropping, UV rays and minor damages.

Our outdoor covers bestseller is the Autobody Armor Custom Car Cover by Coverking. Durable and highly resistant.

The Indoor car covers are designed to protect your vehicle from dust and mildew. They are soft and won't leave a scratch on even the most delicate paint surface.

The Satin Stretch Indoor Custom Car Cover is a perfect choice, which will guarantee the ultimate indoor protection to your ride. Breathable and soft.

Here are several easy steps how to define the best cover for your Charger:

1. First of all let's choose the type of car cover you need, using the table below:

2. Now let's choose material of the cover you need:

3. This is how the car cover your are interested in will look installed on your Charger:

4. The forth picture will show you how well this Coverking car cover will fit:

Also don't forget to read our technical article about the best fitting car covers:

Check our wide collection of 2015 Charger car covers here:

Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding our products. All of them will be answered, I promise.
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