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Alright guys. As some of you may know my car is in the middle of a big overhaul. Im changing out my 4 Punch 6x9s and I want to go with a infinity setup. Below is what Im about to order. Could you guys let me know if the component system will fit the 6x9 area in the doors.

Thanks in advance. Any other advice is welcomed b/c I have not yet clicked the checkout button. Items are sitting in cart. Waiting on me to hear some do's and dont's


Infinity Reference 3022CF
3-1/2" 2-way Speakers (REF3022CF)
(What bass block do I need to purchase?)

Front Doors

Infinity Kappa 680.9cs
6" x 8" 2-way Kappa Series Component System

Rear Deck

Infinity Kappa 693.9I
6" x 9" 3-way Kappa Series Speakers (KAPPA693.9I)

The amp I will have that is going to power the front door and rear deck speakers is a Rockford Fostgate P.400

RMS Power Output (Watts x Channels) 50 x 4
Peak Power Output (Watts x Channels) 415 x 4
Power at 2 Ohms (Watts x Channels) 100 x 4
Bridged Power (Watts x Channels) 200 x 2
Minimum Impedance Bridged 4
Minimum Impedance Unbridged 2
Best Frequency Response 20-20k Hz
THD at Rated RMS Power 1%
Signal to Noise Ratio 85 dB
Input Voltage 14.4v


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they should fit. inside my doors the speaker is mounted in a plastic holder that you can trim to fit just about any shaped 6x9. hope this helps i just thought i'd chime in and give you my .02 since no one else did...

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I hope you and/or your installer knows what you're doing with the components. Incorrect placement of the tweeters (even slightly) will make the entire system sound like garbage. Good luck with it, Infinity is top-notch.
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