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If individual rear camber is found not to meet alignment specifications, repair camber links are available in Plus or Minus One Millimeter (1 mm) lengths. A Plus or Minus 1 mm repair camber link will change camber approximately 0.5 - 0.7 degrees in the preferred direction.

How many degrees camber do you need to correct?

RWD non-SRT specs ...
Rear camber preferred: −1.75°
Acceptable range: −2.30° to −1.20°

Rear cross-camber (maximum side-to-side difference)
Preferred: 0.00°
Acceptable range: −0.80° to +0.80°

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I'm having trouble on which part to buy to fix the camber on a 2011 dodge charger the back tires sit like this / \ ive stumbled across a pair of kits but still lost HELP!!!
The most cost effective and easy ways to deal with the camber issues is with the offset bushings. :bigthumb:

Here is where you get them:

BND Automotive LLC:driving:
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