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Calling all in Hawaii!! Want to Schedule M&G

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Hey everybody. I have seen quite a few people on the forum from Hawaii and plenty of others from around town. I have been wanting to get together for a meet and greet. Anybody interested just post here and we can get the scheduling rollin'!
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Hey guys, I finally got my slack a$$ back online after my move to Hawaii !! Can't wait till the M&G !! I was so excited when I moved over here with my Go Mango Daytona...I figured there weren't going to be hardly any here. I get here and there are 2...count 'em, TWO, where I worked !!! Holy cow, what were the odds of that ?!?! 4000 of them and 3 are in the exact same location !! HEMILVR being one of them...What's up man ?? baby "Vanessa" got beat up pretty bad on the trip over, so she will be a while before she is "Show Ready" but I will surely be at the M&G if work cooperates. Nice to meet you guys...see you on the forums !!!
Hey KUPAA nice rims...I was thinking of getting the Foose Splits...what do you think ??
CH4R63R R/T said:
Hey KUPAA nice rims...I was thinking of getting the Foose Splits...what do you think ??
Go for it! Represent it back home, since I cannot be dea to do it. :grin:
Just a reminder about the M&G this Saturday at 1100 at Blaisdell park!


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CH4R63R R/T you know you're gonna be there,... you can't deny it... and now I'm sure no-rulz25 will be there, and by the way, your car is lookin good, I can't even tell there was anything wrong with it to begin with.
Got it fixed at Tommy's in Waipahu. He did great work and only had it 3 days. Thanx for the compliment, but it doesn't compare to yours. I thought my car looked good til I pulled up next to you at that light!! It was funny to see the shock in your face when i asked if you were HEMILVR.
Thanks man, and yeah I was shocked! But I still think that any charger is better than another... they all have their own "personalities" or things that make them unique. That is why I love cars.
WOOT !! Almost time for the M&G hope to see you guys there !!
Hey Guys Sorry I Cannot Make It Because I Am Stuck On The Ship Standing Duty, Yeah Its Just The Way I Wanted To Spend My Saturday.... Hope Everone Has A Great Time......!!!
Sorry guys, I'm not gonna be able to make it. My son has t-ball at noon. Was looking forward to meeting the fellas. Hopefully next time.
Wow! That was sad!! Only myself and CH4R63R R/T showed up... I can't believe it. I thought for sure there would be at least a handful of us. Ohhh well.....
41 - 51 of 51 Posts
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