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Calling all in Hawaii!! Want to Schedule M&G

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Hey everybody. I have seen quite a few people on the forum from Hawaii and plenty of others from around town. I have been wanting to get together for a meet and greet. Anybody interested just post here and we can get the scheduling rollin'!
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Sho'nuff!! He he. Thanks by the way... and also, does anyone have any ideas on when they would be available for a M&G? If no imputs than I will just pick a day and put it out there.
just stumbled across this thread. Wife and I just spent Aug 6-11 at the Sheraton Moana Surfrider (Oahu). Been married almost 6 yrs, so we finally took a "Honeymoon" without kids. I was looking for CHARGERS but only saw one white one the whole trip. It was a V6. Anyhoo, take care :)
Congrats HEMILVR!! \000/
Hey wsup HEMILVR. I saw your ride at the show, pretty sick. LED's were a nice touch. There was another one there, probably a couple cars down from you. Think he's in street toys isn't he? Congratulations on the placing. I was with my friend Seth, owner of the Silver 300c on bags near the DJ's Motorsports tent.

Anyways, Kalo's300c and myself have also been trying to see who's up for a meet and greet on the 300c forums, HawaiiHEMI is trying on the LX forums, not sure about the Magnum's yet. We need to do this and get us on the M&G map. Late.
Sho'nuff!! He he. Thanks by the way... and also, does anyone have any ideas on when they would be available for a M&G? If no imputs than I will just pick a day and put it out there.
Yeah sounds good. Let's try and get more guys together to M&G then convoy around the island or somethin'.
Sweet, I know of quite a few people at work.. I can get them in on this.. how's middle September looking for everyone?
Middle of September sounds good to me. Pick a day and let us know ASAP (in case its a day I need to call in sick. oops! did I say that out loud?)
hey man you know that i am down for that just hit me up in advance....
Congrats on your placing, sorry couldnt make it, last minute issues with the wife. Anyway, as for the M&G sounds good, middle of September sounds ok, as long as there is enough advance notice.
I will come up with time and place and get back with you guys and if you have any ideas just post'em up.
So how does a M&G at 1100 on September 9th at the Blaisdell park sound to everybody?
Sorry I'm so late seeing this. I'm up for a M&G in Sept. As long as I have my baby back from the body doctor by then. I got backed into at the store and need the passenger door replaced. But it should be good to go by then. Know any good body shops around that can do it right?
sep 9th sounds great for me just let me know the details andi will be there.....
Ok, sorry so late but there's a M&G scheduled tomorrow AUG(thanks for the correction navycharger) 20th at Pearlridge, Macy's parking lot. Time is 2pm. See you there!

I joined here to get word about these M&G's out there and search for other that are scheduled. Word!
AP Customs (formally known as Modified Autworks). Just tell "Angie" Josh sent you.She has been doing me good and all my friends. They do a lot of car show cars at this place and I have grown to trust them. Any problems and let me know...
What does AP Customs specialize in? It sounds familiar. Aug 20th, M&G Pearlridge reminder! 2pm!

See ya there navycharger!
Thanx HEMI, I'll look into that.
AP Customs specializes in just about everything. They mainly focus on Car Show cars but do insurance claims also. They have guys that do exterior (paint, dent removal, body kits etc..) interior (you name it, they can do it and they have the #1 custom stereo systm guy on the island, 10th in the country) and engine work.
I'm gonna check that place out this week then. Thanks man.

No Problem Dennis. To everyone that was at the M&G today, sorry I couldn't be there but it was for a good reason. The WOMEN needed the car to go make me some MONEY!!! I definately won't miss the next. If there is one before Sep 9th let us all know in advance...
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