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CAI on 392 plus a few extras....

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Installed a JLT CAI (sounds amazing), a Billet Technologies under engine cap kit, waiting on my Billet Technologies Catch Can. What yall think?


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it's very "blue" :)

lol, just kidding - looks nice. I assume from the painted trim that can be seen, that it is close to the vehicles color?
Blue is the new black. Just kidding, it's close, I'm not sure I love the paint job yet. I'll decide in the next few days. My neighbors love it but it could of being shit brown and they would love it because all they see is the whole car.
what difference do u feel with the JLT

JLT made a lot of claims with their intake
claims which were shot down in another forum and led to a heated

i hope u will dyno it so we can know the actual gains from their CAI
I didn't do it for HP gains I did it more for aesthetics, JLT claims 12-15 at the RW. It sounds great, I feel better throttle response, I have not dyno my car before or after, so I don't know.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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