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CAI and Tune recommendations?

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Out of all the CAI systems, which one would you recommend for my DODGE 2007 CHARGER SRT8 = injen, k&n,aEM,volant,weapon-r,airaid?

Which tuner would you recommend

How easy is it to install a CAI and/or program your car with the tuner.
any side effects?
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For tuner the only way to go is Diablo! It is a personal choice as to whether you go Intune or Trinity
Both will provide you with the same tuning ability, the trinity just offers more other features like timers, real time data display, and ability to hook up external gauges etc.



As far as intakes there are lots of good options, IMO the best intake for this platform is the LMI carbon intake, by far our best seller and performer.

LMI Frankentake IV

Package deals save you money if buying both!


The only other intakes I would consider would be the AFE or R2C but the LMI would be my first choice


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You are not going to see large gains from a catback, most people do a catback more for sound than anything else. The biggest restriction in the system is the cats, so going to high flows there will free up some hp.

The tuners will add hp, figure on at least 15 hp on a stock vehicle. And th nice thing is you will need one if you do more extensive modding in the future, so it will grow with you and your needs.

As far as intakes, they do add hp, and yes peak hp is what is always quoted on any mod, but you do see gains *with a quality intake* accross the range.

Are there high flow cats or headers you recommend that work with magnaflow 16642
Do you get better mpg and performance

If you set the tuner to use 91 octane performance - do you get better mpg too along with the increase in performance
The stock headers on the SRT are actually very good, I would keep them but add high flow cats to go along with the cat back
Here is the most popular high flows, also from magnaflow
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