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Article One-Name and Purpose

Section 1. This club shall be known as the Custom Charger Car Club.

Section 2. The purpose of this club is to promote chargers around the world and promote friendship and camaraderie among Charger owners.

Article Two- Membership

Section 1 Open to all Charger owners and family members. The owner-member must operate and maintain their vehicle in a courteous manner in accordance of all local, state, and federal laws when representing our club at any event or outing. If you are not from Hampton Roads, Va but do not have a local chapter in your area yet, your membership will go under the National Chapter until a Sub-Chapter is organized.

Section 2. Owner/Member will be responsible for the conduct of all guests and family members at any club event.

Section 3. A membership will cover a married couple and all dependent children 18 years of age and under. Please list names of drivers 16 and older so they are counted as their own member with voting privileges.

Section 4. The membership may be terminated by unanimous vote of the Executive Board. Any member whose dues are more than 60 days in arrears shall be dropped from the membership role.

Article Three- Associate Membership

Section 1. A person age 16 or above who doesn’t own a Charger or vehicle in general can petition the club to become an Associate member. The person must be sponsored by a member. At the next scheduled board meeting, the board shall vote on whether to accept membership or not. Once the board has voted, the person will be notified of acceptance.

Section 2. Associate members have the same dues as regular membership and have the same voting privileges as a regular member.

Article Four- Dues

Section 1. Annual dues will be set at $20.00 per membership.

Section 2. All memberships will be treated as a “family membership”. If more than one member reside at the same address, they will only incur a $20.00 membership fee. Sub-chapters please see Article Eleven.

Section 3. Membership privileges take effect upon receipt of dues by the treasurer and continue until renewal on December 31st.

Section 4. Dues are payable as soon as you would like to become a member, annual dues are payable by December 31st. Dues collected after this date will not be prorated. No dues will be refunded.

Section 5. Membership dues are payable to:
Custom Chargers Car Club
C/O Jen Parker
13 Fields Dr.
Hampton, Va 23664

Email [email protected]
Please make all checks payable to Jennifer Parker until message is received that we have gotten our non-profit id set up.

Article Five- Executive Board

Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of officers of the club and six additional members that are designated.

Section 2. The Executive Board is established to create a unbiased voice for the general membership. They are to vote on things such as meetings, events, and monetary spending.

Section 3. Executive Board members will serve their position for two years. If at any time the Board Member must excuse him/herself from the Board, an emergency Board meeting will be held to put in place another Board member until the term is finished.

Section 4. Designated officers shall be a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. (One person may hold two officer positions at a time, except one cannot be the President and the Vice-president jointly.)

Section 5. The September before the end of the two-year term, a nominating committee will be put in place to bring nominations to a special voting meeting for the following years executive board.

Article Six- Duties of Officers and Executive Board

Section 1. The President shall preside over all meetings of the membership and the Executive Board. The President has the general supervision, direction and the authority of the business and affairs of C-4. He/She shall appoint all committee chairpersons. He shall have the power to decide all questions of equal division. He/She shall serve as the designated representative between this club and all other organizations.

Section 2. The Vice President shall serve as assistant to the President and shall in the absence of the President, perform the duties of and have the powers of the President.

Section 3. The Treasurer shall collect and distribute the funds of the club as directed by the President or the Executive Board. He/She shall render a financial report of the club on an annual basis or whenever requested by the Executive Board. He/She shall collect dues and maintain all membership records. In the absence of the President and the Vice President, this officer shall perform all the duties and have the powers of the said officers.

Section 4. The Secretary shall handle all official correspondence of the club and shall keep minutes of all the meetings, general membership and the Executive Board. The minutes will also include an attendance record of the members.

Section 5. The Executive Board shall have the power to proceed in any manner as may, in their judgment, serve the interests of the club. The decision of the majority of the Executive Board on any question shall be binding until the next general membership meeting, when decisions may be approved, nullified, or amended.

Section 6. All board members must attend or be a part of through telephone or email at least ½ of the scheduled board meetings to retain his/her postion on the board.

Article Seven- General Membership Meetings

Section 1. General membership meetings will be held at least four times a year to discuss events and transactions of the club.

Section 2. At least two weeks notice shall be given to all club members of all meetings to be held. Correspondence will be by the best available and economic means possible.

Article Eight- Executive Board Meetings

Section 1. Meetings of the Board are closed unless a member has requested to attend and the board approves it.

Section 2. Any Board member may call an emergency meeting of the Board or membership in order to conduct business of an urgent or emergency nature. The reason for the emergency meeting will be stated and no other business shall be conducted at these meetings.

Section 3. Board members will be given at least two weeks notice for regular Executive Board meetings and will be notified of an emergency meeting as quickly as possible. All correspondence will be by the best available and economic means possible.

Article Nine- Miscellaneous and C4 Logo Products

Section 1. This club is here to provide an environment whereby members can openly communicate with others. To plan functions or activities including, but not limited to, social functions, competitive events and other opportunities for members to exchange information.

Section 2. Any products bearing the C4 logo will be purchased through the National Chapters treasurer. (See note under membership dues on how to pay.) Shirts and products that bear text will be able to have Sub-chapters names as well.

Article Ten- Amendments or Additions to By-Laws

Section 1. Amendments or additions may be made from time to time by a majority vote of all club members in good standing.

Section 2. Once Sub-chapters are in-place, each President of each sub-chapter will have one vote for amendment changes. The Board of presidents will speak for all the chapters and by-laws will be changed accordingly.

Article Eleven- Sub-Chapters of Custom Chargers Car Club

Section 1. Membership is the same

Section 2. Dues are the same, however the treasurer of the sub-chapter will send $2.00 of each member dues to the national chapter see address under dues to help with fees and other incidentals regarding this national club.

Section 3. All sub-chapters will have same Executive board positions and must send complete contact and membership list to national chapter’s treasurer as soon as chapter is established. The sub-chapter’s treasurer will also insure that chapter is under non-profit through their state.

Section 4. Sub-chapter’s treasurer will send an updated membership list showing good standing or not to national treasurer every two months if changes have been made.

Section 5. All chapters will abide by these by-laws. If changes or amendments are to be made, the initiating chapter’s Board will vote on change and then send to the national chapter to vote on change. Each President from each chapter will be notified of requested change and will have one vote for amendment changes. All chapters will then be notified from the national secretary the results of the voting for any changes to the by-laws.
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