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NOTE: Members must have a minimum of 50 posts to start a thread in the Buy/Sell section. For new members, permissions will automatically be set once you reach the 50 posts minimum.

The Buy/Sell Forum is for private party ads only
  • NO ebay links
  • NO Vendor ads
  • NO commercial sales - Multiples of a same item are considered commercial

Members are asked to REPORT violations to keep this section as safe and useful as possible.

In addition please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • The Buy/Sell forum is designated for conducting business only; it is NOT an open discussion forum - Post a reply in ads only if you are interested in the item for sale or have a lead on a wanted item
    • Thread-crapping posts will be removed
    • Let the OP (original poster) answer all questions
    • NO price-police: if you feel pricing is unrealistic, discuss it in a PM, not in the thread
    • Bump posts are permitted by the OP only - no more than once per day please
  • Auto-related items only
  • Must include asking price (with OBO is acceptable)
  • No speculation/feeler threads or bid invitations
  • If you have several items to sell, list each item in the same thread; separate threads will be merged
  • Do not post ads, or links to your ads, in other forum sections
  • Please make a final post in your thread when your item is bought or sold to prevent unnecessary inconvenience for all parties
Members do business at their own risk... Buyer beware
Don't forget to use the iTrader rating system for your transactions!

Disclaimer: Sellers on this site are in no way related to, or affiliated with, the forum or its agents. This site does not endorse or guarantee sales transactions between users and is not liable. The content of posts and/or threads is the sole responsibility of the user who posted them and all users are responsible for their own actions.
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