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In this 40-minute video, I discuss and show my technique for buffing complex curves and angles on the side of a vehicle. I discuss and show how to negotiate the various angles, dips and curves that you may encounter. The thing that I stress in this video is that you have to constantly pay attention to what the polisher is doing when you are working on areas like this. The sound of the polisher will constantly be changing (or talking to you as I call it), which gives you clues on how to proceed. It is this "talking" that the polisher is doing that will be your clue as to how much pressure to use and how to angle the polisher while buffing.

There is a LOT of watching that you need to do as I am working the polisher. Notice how I don't necessarily use a cross-hitch pattern of buffing like I would on a flat and open surface. Notice that I tend to use short buffing strokes in the dips. Notice that the pad NEVER stops rotating, which will happen if you apply too much pressure. You ALWAYS want the pad to rotate or the effectiveness of the machine will be greatly diminished. Watch and pay attention while learning!

Products and equipment used:

Orange 6" Hex-Logic pad (for a novice, a 5.5" Hex-Logic pad is a MUCH better, easier to use and preferred option).

Optimum Compound II

Porter-Cable 7424XP orbital sander (or polisher if you want to call it that)

16 x 24 Eagle Edgeless Blue Super Plus Microfiber Towel

Enjoy! :beerchug:

The Junkman


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Can't wait to get home and watch this!

I was thinking of giving the car a good 'buff' one of these weekends..

My car was recently totaled and since it was Torred, the paint imperfections were forgiving. Now that I have a black ride, lord jesus, you see every imperfection. I'll have to step my game up like the Junkman.


What are your go-to products for removing swirls, hazing and for making the paint look wet?
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