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Breaking in a new Charger

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Hi all,
I'm about to buy a Silver Steel Metallic R/T tomorrow and was wondering how you guys have been breaking in your car? I have to drive on the freeway for about 60 miles, should I vary the rpms? Thanks for any help and can't wait to feel the take off :biggrin:
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I always break-in my vehicles on the hard side. I don't mean beating the crap out of them, but I do get on it pretty good. I was told by a teacher for ATI (Automotive Technical Institute), that you really want that motor to "learn" it's tolerances early. Made sense to me. I love the power of my Hemi in my Ram, so the Daytona should be awsome!!!!! I guess I'm a converted GM guy. My last 3 vehicles have all been Mopar. 2 Dodge Ram trucks for work, and awaiting my Daytona. I guess it Mopar or Nopar.....
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