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Breaking in a new Charger

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Hi all,
I'm about to buy a Silver Steel Metallic R/T tomorrow and was wondering how you guys have been breaking in your car? I have to drive on the freeway for about 60 miles, should I vary the rpms? Thanks for any help and can't wait to feel the take off :biggrin:
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I agree. There are a few articles that you can find out there on the net that discuss the benefits of a hard break-in for a new motor. The idea being that by running the motor hard from the start, you seal the rings better and quicker providing a slightly better running motor.
I always break my vehicles in hard with the Charger being no exception. In the week I've had it, it has seen plenty of redline shifts to balance the highway cruising that is my work commute.
To give a specific recommendation, I'd say to break it in how you expect to drive it. If you're going to run the car though its paces on a regular basis, then don't be shy with it at break-in. If you're going to granny the car, then do it from the start.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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